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June 29, 2017

I formed The British Psychic, Inc.” in March of 2014 upon the urging of a friend.  It seemed to lend some much needed credibility to what I do and, (in my mind at least), it gave me an opportunity to start afresh after a series of absolutely miserable and disastrous administrative jobs in somewhat corporate environments.  Talk about being a square peg in a round hole!!

I’ve always been very psychic since my childhood, growing up not far from Windsor in the UK, and had used my abilities somewhat informally for many years.  I can trace my family lineage directly back to Lord Frederick North who was the British Prime Minister during the Revolutionary War, and was responsible for the Boston Tea Party, and when I look back even further, there are Spiritualists and psychics in the Family Tree.  My paternal Great Great Grandmother even held séances in her flat in London in the mid 1800’s, so it’s definitely in the genes. It’s only since coming to the US in 1990 that things have really started to take off in that direction for me.

With somewhat of a late in life career switch, I went back to School (the Holistic Studies Institute) in 2003 while holding down a full time job, and became an ordained Spiritualist Minister  in 2007.  I’m a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of New York City (on West 86th Street in the City), a Séance Conductor, Reiki Master, and Board Certified Psychic Medium.  Now, I also teach for the Holistic Studies Institute: Psychic Development, Levels 1-3 and “Advanced Trance and Physical Mediumship”.  People ask me all the time “do you have to learn to be psychic, I thought you just were?”.  I tell them that even Picasso took art classes.

For the very first time in my life, all the pieces of the jigsaw fit, and I’m really happy in my work!

Clients – I have read at numerous high-profile events and celebrity parties: Donna Karan, The Corcoran Group, Henri Bendel’s 5th Avenue store, Light Nightclub’s Charity events for The Leukemia Society, and the Halloween Charity Ball at Sand’s Point Castle in Port Washington for the Big Apple Herpetological Society are just some examples.

Best Breakfast around here – I’m rarely in time for breakfast as it sometimes takes me close to 2 hours to get to my office from my home in Kew Gardens, Queens.  For lunch, when life gets too intense from listening to client issues, I like to disappear to Cosi casual dining restaurant which is on 31st and Park.  There, I can sit and have a Cobb Salad and an iced coffee and watch the world go by while listening to some great World Music.

Why Broadway Suites – I was looking for (and found) somewhere with a great sense of community, where I could really fit in, and not be the odd one out.  Not being the most outgoing personality (Great British Reserve, anyone?), I like the idea of having a lot of fun and creative people around to say hi to.  I also needed somewhere to be that was close to the church, the Holistic Studies Institute where I teach, and easy access for clients.  Lastly, it doesn’t hurt having such a great address.  I’ve often gotten work when a potential client tells me “I knew you were legit when I discovered that your office is on Madison Avenue”.



As well as being very spiritual, I’m also very much a “sayings” girl: “You are what you do, not what you SAY you do”, “If everyone likes you, you’re not an interesting person”, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”.

Rev. Marion is legally able to officiate at weddings and funerals and is a founding member of The Spiritualist Church of New York City, NYC’s first Spiritualist church, www.spiritualistchurchnyc.com,

which holds regular services on Sunday evenings in midtown. Also, as a Board Certified Reiki Master, Rev. Marion is a regular participant at the SCNYC’s healing services.

With Offices now in Kew Gardens, Queens, and Madison Avenue @ 32nd Street, NYC mhedger374@aol.com • (718) 805 6326 • (917) 621 5580

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